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Computer as authority

For years agencies have been telling customers "the computer says you are wrong" as though the computer knows best.

Finally after years of bad coding logical errors and devhouse lies and cover ups the idea that computers are really only as good as the code they are provided has got through.

Take the Post offices Horizon system where the innocent were branded thieves, resulting in prison sentences and suicides, we now know who was to blame and yet those responsible have are not in the prison they inflected upon the innocent.

When a person makes false claims against some innocent there are laws to handle this but with computer systems UK law fails to meet the same standards.

Most people know that facial recognition is not 100% accurate in the same way that genetic evidence and finger prints were before them and yet there have been a lot of people put in prison because these absolute proofs turned out to be far less than absolute after all.

Add in the reality that agencies holding these records have a bad record for maintaining the security, accuracy and privacy of the data they hold and you are left with the situation that due to lack of oversight all electronic data should really be held as suspect until proven otherwise.

Proven by people who will themselves be punished if they get it wrong top to bottom, without this then there can be no balance in the law where it comes to computer data and without balance there can be no justice.

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