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Never mind the trolls, Discord hosts 'significant volumes of malware' in its CDN

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DC Phone Home

That is a huge rise in malware - wow! GG Discord, not.

I've hosted my own Mumble/TS3 for donkey's years.

Earlier this year I left a community, or rather they left TS3, when they decided to go Discord (cos kewl). I told them I wouldn't follow and explained why (service not in 'our' control = not secure or guaranteed resilient etc. My work doesn't make an extra attack surface sensible). Of course I was scoffed at. So a gaming community of ~40 members, some of which are RL friends and I've played with for many years, upped and went.

My first thought on starting to read the article: credential theft for the purpose of gold selling.

Discord doesn't just phone home, you're in its house all the time. What could possibly go wrong?

Ho hum.

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