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True, but CUPS isn't installed by default on all distros.

CUPS is already widely known to be fucking crap as well, vulnerabilities don't matter if the fucking thing doesn't work properly in the first place. The sheer number of times I've wrestled with CUPS is insane. If you have a ye olde printer or an enterprise printer, it's usually fine...but if you have some cheapo low end modern thing, a PC World're probably fucked.

To be fair though, usually it's printers made by the likes of Konica-Minolta or Kyocera that are problematic because their drivers generally suck cross platform. Especially Minolta. Kyocera is about 50/50.

My advice, is to use a basic print server device and plug your printer into that then use a generic PCL driver. 99% of the time, it'll be fine.

Next week...we'll discuss scanning in Linux. Get your rope thrown over a good beam, because it's a fucker of a topic.

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