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China pushes back against Exchange attack sponsorship claims

lglethal Silver badge

And have you, China, provided the addresses and details of these "American" miscreants to the relevant American authorities? I'm sure some of them are NSA or the like, but how many are just regular miscreants who have chosen not to p&ss in their own backyard (in order to avoid the local plod, like the Russian crews). I have no doubt the US would also like to collar those miscreants. It would be a nice little bit of publicity to say "See we're stopping our own miscreants! Now its time for Russian and China to do the same!". The Yanks are not going to avoid an opportunity like that, if you give them the details! So why havent you protected your citizens and handed over the details?

And having been provided with the details by the US, UK and EU of your Chinese miscreants have you acted against them?

Hmmm... Methinks he doth protest too much...

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