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The primary reason for geofencung right now is to ensure dishes stay more or less where they're expected to be and don't cluster too much in one cell. Beamforming still makes for a big spot from 500-1500km away and right now there are only 920 active birds

I'm expecting that once tge first shell is fully active (1440 birds) they'll start relaxing restrictions and selling more terminals. There are already that many in orbit but it will take 3 more months or so to get them all in position ( is useful to visualise thjngs)

There are at least 2 more shells to be built. The sun synchronous set only has a dozen flying so far and these are the only ones with fricking lasers onboard at the moment. The first 2 launches worth are already in the process of being retired and deorbited

What's more interesting than where ground stations are popping up is seeing where they AREN'T. I think national geofencing will quickly be bypassed by determined individuals without governments being able to really do much about it. (The Internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it)

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