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This reminds me of a colleague (in the early '90s I guess) who participated in the standardisation process for data comms using satellite phones. A rep from another company rather pompously asserted that because the existing satellite phone standards included, as a mandatory requirement, the phone reporting its precise position (using GPS data) that could be used as part of the routing for the data (actually I think it was probably mostly for billing - so the country concerned could get a cut).

My colleague suggested that as a major market for satellite phones (at the time) were militaries and spies it was unlikely most of the phones would be reporting accurate locations, despite mandatory requirements from the CCITT! He suggested that if they looked at the data they may find that a surprising number of phones are being used at the North Pole. Of course, at that time, it was nation states which were being talked about - I never knew if/when terrorists realised they had to acquire satellite phones which didn't report their location.

It will be interesting to see if SpaceX geofencing remains unbroken.

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