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Tencent uses facial recognition to enforce China’s curfew on gaming kids

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It's very creepy and you know this is leading to worse things to come but I have to back this to a certain extent.

Discussions with my daughter during her A-levels, the number of times she said that kids in her class would roll in to classes at 9am looking like death 'cos they'd been up all night watching TV or playing games until 4am or 5am. Parents who grew up being "parented" by screens are now passing that on, they turning out a lot of kids who can't spend more than 10 mins away from some form of screen for entertainment. My daughter is no angel by any means but she knew that she wanted get good A-level grades and she limited her TV, phone and game time to ensure she was able to concentrate on her work when it mattered.

Time management doesn't come easy to most but if parents won't do it, schools can't then the Govs will seize it as an opportunity to introduce creepy surveillance like this. Once again a few bad apples and one more item is ticked off in the "1984 runbook".

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