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Accenture in my limited experience are catastrophically bad

A fairly recent and very large client had a contract with Accenture, who handled their AWS stuff for them.

I had almost no involvement with them, so I almost cannot speak first-hand, but I heard from colleagues a new EC2 instance would take *six weeks* to be delivered.

I did observe one interaction with their staff. The number of people on the CC: went through the roof - a colleague started off by alerting one or two people to a problem, and then a week later (by which time the problem had long been solved) there were a bunch of people on the CC:, with Accenture (who never did grasp that there had been a problem, or that it had been fixed) explaining to us there hadn't been a problem at all, and giving their (incorrect) best guess as to what had probably happened.

I get the feeling Accenture are picked by managers, not by staff, and then are retained because they tick all the corporate-level boxes. The fact their *actual service* seems staggeringly, mind-bogglingly awful *and supremely expensive*, doesn't seem to come much into it.

If the Gov is selecting Accenture, I think we can know right from the off it's going to be another few billion down the drain.

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