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Five consultancies with severe branding difficulties win spots on UK government's £580m 'transformation' services framework

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How to suck an egg

> creating "business models" which include "identification of the correct commercial and operational models to deliver the technology strategy

Which sounds a lot like paying companies to learn how to be better (or even just barely competent) at providing solutions that the government would want.

The problem being that in the past, HMG has awarded contracts to companies that have demonstrated NO competence (such a awarding a ferry contract to a company with no ships).

On that basis, should not a significant amount of the money up for grabs be awarded to government departments. So that they can "identify the correct commercial and operational models" to know which companies might (just) be able to fulfill the contracts they are awarded?

But that would require the self-awareness to recognise their own incompetence. A Catch-22.

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