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"but once the criminals are unable to make any money off ransomware, it will stop."

One theory about the source of these ransomware attacks is that they come from state-sponsored actors, essentially making the ransomware scum the equivalent of privateers raiding maritime shipping. Seizing some or all of the cargo on a commercial ship was obviously ideal for the privateers, but sinking enemy shipping was also acceptable. What you're advising is the equivalent of demanding that a ship's captain refuse to strike colors and surrender to a privateer and instead allow his ship to be sunk. Either way, the adversary wins, but in the former case, at least the merchant ship can continue to sail while in the latter case both ship and cargo are lost. Which is better depends on your outlook; it might be better in the long term for the privateers to be denied their spoils, but it sure sucks for the crews of the sunk ships, and as long as a nation-state is willing to pay the privateers, they will continue to operate; the ransom just provides an additional (significant) incentive.

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