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Innovation is essential

Bringing new ideas to market is always a Good Thing (TM), but I can't bring myself to find this idea interesting for me.

I've been banging keyboards for almost 40 years. No RSI, I have a rather good word-per-minute score, and I am seriously used to the AZERTY layout and staggered keys.

It doesn't matter to me that staggered keys are an artifact of typewriter fabrication constraints. My fingers know the distances now. I'm okay with it.

It's the same reason that keeps me from trying those ergonomic, split-in-half keyboards with that entirely different layout. Or the Dvorak layout. I just can't be bothered to spend a few years getting used to an entirely new key disposition.

I'm good with what I'm used to, and if ain't broken, don't fix it.

But if the younguns find it good, go ahead, try it.

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