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The cost of cyber insurance increased 32 per cent last year and shows no signs of easing

Neil Barnes Silver badge

Quite. And it's insuring the wrong thing: a cash return is all very well in the event of some bastard munching your system, but what you really want is a return to the status quo ante... you need to come in the next morning and everything is back to normal, only with the back door fixed.

Which, as others have pointed out, just ain't happening. And as the experts seem to agree that the only cure is a complete clean and restore (I wonder if that includes bios code too? It probably should) then a financial solution simply doesn't cut it.

It's all very nice for the companies getting the cash in when they sell the policy, but not so good when they're paying out every other Thursday. Hmm... I wonder what my late grandfather (Riley on Consequential Loss) might have thought...

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