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In high school, our library had some menu interface that was used to launch Windows 3.x applications. This way they were able to limit what you could launch. Or so they thought.

There wasn’t any file system security (this is before NTFS) so if you knew what you were doing it was trivial to work around. I would use the menu to launch WordPerfect, and within WordPerfect I would open up one of the other .exe files accessible from the menu (e.g. notepad), do a Save As to something like notepad.ex_ to back it up, then from within WordPerfect open, and save it over the original notepad.exe . Then I would go to the menu and launch “notepad”, which instead gave me a DOS prompt. At the end of the period I would revert the files back.

Our library also had a really cool laser printer that I wanted to use to print stuff I made at home. So at home I’d print to a file, copy the file to floppy, then at school copy the file straight to lpt1.

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