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Microsoft warns of serious vulnerabilities in Netgear's DGN2200v1 router


I've had a dim view of Netgear since about 2008.

They may have improved since then.

I bought one of their routers. The specs were impressive, reviews found the performance was impressive.

Once I had the thing, I found two issues.

Firstly, and this unlike the second issue is rather nebulous, I've lot of experience with large bodies of unmaintainable C code and the UI to configure the device *totally* gave me that vibe. The options, the ways thing were arranged, interacted - it did not feel good.

Secondly, and this to me was the give-away, upgrading the firmware wiped all the settings, *and it was not possible to load saved settings from a previous version of the firmware*.

Settings should of course be saved in something like XML or what-have-you, and you can then load them, parse them, and get as much sane information from them as you can. Not being able to do so means settings were being saved a binary blob, which combined with my bad feelings about the whole thing in the first place. It also meant upgrading the firmware then involved 15 minutes of configuration work (there were a lot of options).

Over the years since then I've noticed quite a few stories of the most basic security blunders, although in fairness you can say that pretty much about all router vendors.

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