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Re: "The Art of Hacking" and its Big Brother Prequel/Sequel, "How to Avoid an Asteroid Hit*"

Also, if you're spending all this money getting courses made that are supposedly useful in cyber defence, why not just publish them so everybody can have a gander. .... Howard Sway

The danger, Howard Sway, is that any publication be too easily recognised as errant vapourware.

And governments are in the vile throes of an enigmatic dilemma, with a prosecution charge of a wanton abuse and wilful misuse of public funds to deny is perfectly true hanging over their collective heads, for cyber defence cannot be bought and taught if one is not also well versed and expertly educated in successful cyber attack, and that has almighty attractions all of its own which have defence forces always seriously persistently permanently disadvantaged and reactionary, long after the main event which has moved on in another direction to somewhere else interesting and revolutionary to be addressed by government defences, and that course, The Art of Successful Cyber Attacking, is not one they are equipped and enabled to seed and feed publicly ..... although in the shady shadows of an engaging private sector, public cash and secret safe national security slush funding has always worked practically wondrous miracles in the past, and nothing much has happened to imagine that has changed in the present to impact negatively on future generous use of the utility.

* An ExtraTerrestrial Event/Otherworldly Assault

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