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Well the official social distancing advice varies from two metres to six feet, which is a six inch distance.

Either way is not a safe distance indoors. Aerosols can travel twenty seven feet indoors.

The highest ever covid case total in Scotland this week, 3,285 people. A month ago Edinburgh had 53 cases per 100,000 - now it's 502 per 100,000.

Two thirds of new cases are young males indicating football / sports fans. People 'think it's all over' and have stopped wearing masks and social distancing. Edinburgh is full of English tourists staycationing, which will only get worse when the English school term ends in three weeks, The Scottish school term ended last week but most school rolls were already decimated due to social isolation caused by a wave of infections. Parents are back at work so thoughtlessly pass their sick kids onto vulnerable grandparents.

43% of UK covid deaths were fully vaccinated. A fully vaccinated 80 year old has the same risk as an unvaccinated 50 year old. My family have been visiting my parents repeatedly and at length without any precautions because they mistake vaccinations for invulnerability.

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