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Devil's Advocate:

It may seem counter-intuitive but bad internet is a boon for rural communities. It inhibits townies relocating or buying second homes, which prices out and relocates young locals. When I lived on Skye I had to drive 35 miles to a laundromat to use an old coin-fed PC with a slow connection on top of a tumble drier that was often on. I'd have to save twenty emails on disk to cut and paste and that was fine by me because I lived somewhere beautiful. Who'd live in London if you could buy a Skye estate with fibre? The Highland Clearances was a national crime, but so would be the reverse.

I asked an ecologist why we shouldn't eliminate midges using science since they do no good and just annoy man and beast. "Oh no, midges play a vital role in the Scottish ecosystem. If it wasn't for midges then we'd be overrun with English tourists."

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