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Yeah, I recall one hot summer many years ago, someone had ordered a load of air conditioning units from a local hire place - and assured me they were the right sort. When the guy arrived to deliver them, I just told him to take them back. Stick a swamp cooler ina closed room (or at least, one with limited ventilation) and the only result is a temporary cooling before you quickly end up with the same temperature - just more humid and uncomfortable.

We did have a portable heat-pump type unit - and one day we went into a training course to find ... It was hot as hell, and the maintenance guy had wheeled it in and switched it on - oblivious to the need for somewhere for the heat to go (I think he thought it went back up the mains lead, like a fan heater in reverse !)

But, at my last place, when things got really hot in the server room, we did have a swamp cooler - and it was pretty effective. Though it made the metalwork at the front of the servers go rusty. First one in one hot days got to carry 10 gallons of water to fill it up.

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