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How is this any different to Apple, Google or Linux? They all suffer the same failings, at the end of the day.

Given the 10's of thousands of drivers submitted for review every month, nobody can check every line of code, and AI just isn't good enough to catch every rouge driver or app. You can only do your best, and when a problem occurs, react swiftly, professionally and responsibly.

I'm happy they stood up, in public and said, mea culpa, and here is what we have done to mitigate the problem, instead of brushing it under the carpet, as many not so professional companies have done in the recent past. At least Apple, Google & Microsoft are usually public about such incidents nowadays.

Although I can remember Apple sitting on a bunch of Java zero-day patches for around 6 months after Sun/Oracle, Microsoft, Google et al hat released patches for their platforms and were finally shamed into releasing the patches. Thankfully, a lot of water has passed under the security bridge sind those days...

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