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Microsoft approved a Windows driver booby-trapped with rootkit malware


Not inspiring confidence.

On one hand ElReg gives us stories about how Win11 will require a TPM 2.0 "for security", but then on the other hand we read stories like this one that indicate we can't even trust the signed MS drivers to not bend us over a table & immitate the Jaws Of Life in our sphincter.

The common folk won't be able to turn off telemetry, probably won't know the proper sacrificial incantations to utter to secure said system, and MS requires an MS account just to do the initial setup? Then just to prove this particular dumpster pyre is especially private-consumer-hostile we toss on the (Napalm, Semtex, & Thermite) satchel charge of fail.

Good job Microsoft, I'm just exploding with confidence! (Or sarcasm for the irony deficient.)

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