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Serco bags £322m contract extension for Test and Trace, is still struggling to share data with local authorities

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Ah yes. That makes sense. I've met a few of those. In education they rise to the top quite quickly, leaving a trail of broken careers, schools, kids, departments and even local authorities. And somehow it's never blamed on them. Even when they do actually have to resign from a post in failure they somehow seem to get seen as nobly taking the bullet for the department, which is left holding the disgrace. While they get a golden pay off and then pop up in a similar or better role before you know it. Just a few thousand quid better off. I've lost count of the number of times I've heard an incredulous "How the f*** did he get that job there?"

I guess the real question is; who is it that gives these knob-heads a free pass through life, and why?

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