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We no longer need "accelerated" mobile pages

Back when smartphones had a fraction of the memory, performance and bandwidth of a desktop PC we needed help. Now that smartphones are on par with PCs in all those categories while some help may be needed in dealing with the much smaller display, no special "acceleration" is needed.

Google probably realizes they can't keep using that excuse any longer, so they are switching to a different proprietary scheme. Sort of like how they announced (but have since pushed back) they are getting rid of third party cookies in Chrome, but replacing them with something worse.

If the antitrust stuff in the US accomplishes nothing else, it needs to force Google to divest Chrome and Android, and bar them from future involvement in the browser or mobile client market. A company with multiple monopolies and near monopolies on the server side cannot be allowed to have any involvement on the client end, let alone two near monopolies there as well.

A vertical market is one thing, what they are doing is at another level. They are dangerously close to effectively owning the entire world wide web and dictating who has access and on what terms.

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