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There was a TV show in the later 70's that followed members of a certain fire station in the Los Angeles County Fire Department. In one episode, the station is called out for a house fire, which turns out to be a toilet on fire. The homeowner had flipped a lit cigarette into the water, only to have it essentially explodes. The crew hook up to a hydrant, and go to douse it, only to have it flare up. A neighboring yard has a sprinkler on, and a pedestrian flips his cigarette into the wet grass, only to start another fire. This time the crew uses only the water already in their engine to put it out, and they begin searching for the contaminant. They find a crew with the water main hooked up to the fuel oil line, which is supposed to be flushing the fuel oil line in preparation for welding the line. But the oil line was running at roughly triple the pressure of the water main, and the crew had failed to install a one-way valve, so the oil was flooding into the water system, not the other way around.

Fictional show, of course, but perhaps it took a page from genuine incidents of the time.

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