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I've referred to such a bodge before: a site run by the Ministry of Agriculture was down half its cooling capacity as it had an apparently unfixable pinhole leak in one of its two circuits, and they had already exhausted their Freon quotum refilling it. This was in a temporary barrack, one storey, low, tarpaper roof, and with even just moderate sunshine temperatures in the offices next to the computer room would already be approaching 30C and the computer room would hit 25C with the one chiller running flat out. So they had a tap installed, with two fairly serious sprinklers underneath the working half of the heat exchanger.

So once the computer room temp would pass 25C, someone would open the tap, which then often had to stay running a fair bit into the evening until the temperature had sufficiently dropped again. "Tap duty overtime" must have been a nice little earner for some, hence the reluctance to fit a valve controlled by a thermostat and/or timer. Dropping a few buckets of white paint, or tacking aluminised bubble foil on that section of the roof was similarly declined.

They also suffered from a well over average number of parts failures,

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