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Nvidia adds Arm support to its 5G kit, and a 16-core BlueField DPU to speed up edge, HPC

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> Just why the 5G edge needs AI wasn't explained to The Register.

Variety of use cases available in the real-time optimisation category that vendors are happy to say are "AI enabled" to make them sound more modern and cutting edge.

Plus the posibility of deploying a model to be trained/tested/validated on bits of the network without having to backhaul loads of data to a central server (farm).

Options include:

a) radio parameter optimisation (handover thresholds, antenna tilt adjustments)

b) mobile geolocation

c) traffic analysis/prediction

And that's all in the existing traditional fields, which can further expand when you start playing with multi-user-MIMO.

Regular analytical techniques can require a lot of modelling expertise - AI can possibly simplify this, assuming deployed correctly (and no doubt mistakes will be made...)

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