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Good news: Google no longer requires publishers to use the AMP format. Bad news: What replaces it might be worse

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Well said

Well said! All of these (ever-changing) things that Google dreams up are just hoops for web developers to have to jump through, like performing dogs. I at least half wonder that they keep churning these things out to keep developers sufficiently busy bending to Google's will that nobody ever has time to stop and think, "Hmm, is there maybe a better, more neutral, way of doing this sort of thing, or even, is it actually really necessary…"?

How much time and effort will CMS developers (and custom site developers) have had to expend in order to add in support for AMP, and now how much time will have to be spent/wasted to support this latest "hot new thing"? Of course, it's more than likely that it too will be replaced be something newier and (allegedly) shinier after a couple of years? Here's a name they can have for free for the next incarnation: Advanced Dynamic Hypertext Documents, perhaps called ADHD for short (which seems to sum up their approach to many of their inventions all too well)?

Of course, much of the media is its own worst enemy, salivating over any and all news from Google. Perhaps the media (that part without sharp beaks, anyway) needs to remind its readers and listeners that diversity is a good thing: many other decent, and less evil, search engines exist, and so perhaps people should be encouraged to use them more, to get a less biased picture of the web, rather than only those sites that jump through the hoops to please Google's search results?

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