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Good news: Google no longer requires publishers to use the AMP format. Bad news: What replaces it might be worse

Pascal Monett Silver badge

AMP is not a problem, nor is its replacement

As I read this article, the author is complaining that AMP redirects my click to a Google-cached page, and its successor does the same thing.

Except that I use ClearURLs. That is a Firefox addon that removes all extraneous, useless stuff from the link I want to click on.

So I have never been impacted by AMP. When I click on a link, ClearURLs ensures that I get to the page that was intended : the one on the website I wanted to visit, not Google's cached version of it.

The Internet remains the Internet. If you do a little bit of research, you can have the experience you want, not the experience other entities want for you.

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