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Who thought water and computers mixed?

Not a "who me?" but it reminds me of the time (also back in the early 1980's) when the firm I was working for had their own IBM mainframe to control company stock, manufacturing and finance. It sat in a separate building, in its own room with its own water cooling. Back up, BTW, was a duplicate sitting across the pond, with a nightly satellite link. Two design flaws in the building:

1) One of the above ground pipes was plastic, and

2) The floor drain wasn't at the lowest point.

Needless to say, one day maintenance needed a bit of height to fix something (probably something as innocuous as changing a light-bulb) and a water pipe provided a convenient step up. Being plastic. it sheared off and water sprayed into the room. Fortunately, the spray didn't target any vents but the bunded floor started to resemble a paddling pool. Panic ensued as the computer was hastily shut down. I wasn't working in that department but was one of the folk who had to start placating the several hundred other people who now found they had no access to the data they needed to input or withdraw stock, run any of the four manufacturing shops or any of the myriad other back office jobs.

Fortunately, the computer was unharmed and, following some urgent baling and re-plumbing, normality resumed by the following day.

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