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Hmmmmm, how to cool that overheating CPU, if only there was a solution...


I swear I've heard this story before with a flooded parking garage as a bonus.

There was talk around the office that one of our customers would be returning their Cray-2 instead of buying it, which meant we'd have to test it to resell for the most money.

Ron was against testing. He didn't trust that fancy chlorofluronated crap Cray used, and he didn't like 'water' cooling in general.

"Last time I worked on something like this I had to replace my Mustang!"

Ron claimed to have worked at a company with a Univac, and the thing kept getting hot. One of the 'engineers', who had worked on nuclear subs in the past, thought it was air bubbles in the cooling system. "Starvation caused by insufficient reserve volume", he said.

Mister Bull Nuke decided they would 'burp' the cooling system by attaching a couple of valves and hoses. One to vent the air and steam from the hot side into a city drain in the garage, another to add water on the cold side from a tap.

Ron continued on. "There isn't any real reserve volume in a Sperry-Univac, and it wasn't starvation, it was cavitation."

By the time the 'engineer' gave up, they had eight inches of water in the small underground garage and his Mustang was a total loss.

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