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There's a real lack of quality in NHS digital. Take the home Rapid Flow Test system, for example. They want to collect data for analysis of effectiveness, right? So they create a website where you can report the result. It's clear that most test results are going to be negative, so do they make it easy to report a Flow Test result? Do they build a reporting tool into either of the two NHS apps that sit on my phone? The dedicated COVID app? No. The NHS app that's actually quite handy for accessing GP test results and booking appointments? No. They have a website - OK, so that's not terrible, is it? Well it is when they want you 10 digit NHS number but the input field for it truncates at 10 characters and rejects non-numeric characters... Where did I get my NHS number from? The aforementioned NHS app which presents the number as grouped digits separated by spaces. Can one copy and paste the NHS number? No. It includes spaces, and if you copy and paste that, it truncates and fails form validation. So if I'm REALLY determined to let them know that I have a negative test, I have to paste the number into something like a notes app, remove the spaces, and then recopy it back into their website. Or use a pencil and paper. And can I be bothered to do that? No. As I suspect many millions of people who have used the home testing kits also can't be bothered.

Shoddy, shoddy, shoddy.

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