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I'm going to an event this weekend that requires evidence of a -ve lateral-flow test which is my first experience of this - take the test, go to an NHS site and record the result.

Nicely made up kits (we used to make up kits for scenes of crime officers so it's something I notice) with a nice clearly written protocol. But it relies entirely on honesty in recording the results and when it's to qualify for entry to some event I'm sure some will just dispose of the test strip unused and then report a negative result.

Reporting it was interesting too. As is standard practice with sites it declared itself to be an alpha site - will they never decide something should be of release quality before it's released. And it really was alpha quality - it barfed on my post-code which couldn't be recognised due to a "technical issue" (is it yet another organisation running on a copy of PAF more than two decades old?) and ring 119. 119 was a D & D maze of "press 1" or "press 2" with the odd exhortation to use the web-site which had directed me there. Eventually I spoke to an agent on a dodgy line - one of her questions really rendered me momentarily speechless - after telling her initially why I was ringing I was asked how I heard about this service!

Oh well, at least Dido In Disaster Out couldn't have influenced the design of the test kits.

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