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UK competition watchdog launches investigation into fake review epidemic across Google and Amazon

Roger B

Just after Christmas my amazon account was "stolen" from me, I admit, my own fault, I had a crappy password that may of been there since my account opened in '99. I was told Amazon would fix it within 48 hours, it took about 3 months before someone in the accounts team seemed genuinely surprised I had been waiting so long to get the account back under my control. anyway, whilst the account was not under my control, I had removed my payment details, and the new owner had added theirs, but not changed the delivery address, so I started to receive felt glitter pens, exercise bands, and other assorted tat, when I found these items in the store they all had 5 stars and within a day or so of my delivery "I" was also leaving glowing 5 star reviews. All the sellers were third party, and after hunting through seller details they were all China based. After I regained control of my account, the 5 star reviews "I" had left were removed, and the items removed from my purchase history, BUT, there must still be a record on my account somewhere as when prospective customers ask questions I receive an email asking if I can help. I gladly reply explaining the seller is likely a con and they are best buying somewhere else. also interesting to note, the item on the page seems to occasionally change, but the reviews remain the same. The whole amazon review system, even when its just their own stock is complete bollocks, DVD/Bluray/4K Bluray reviews for standard/collectors and limited editions all mixed in is a particular annoyance. The positive outcome of me loosing control of my account though was I saved some cash and found a few alternatives for items I would usually go to Amazon for.

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