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Will containers kill VMs? There are no winners in this debate

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I would say there is a winner here:

In order for containers to kill VMs, it would need a *lot* more than 50% of the vote in favour.

If 51% migrated all their workloads over to containers, and 49% continued to use VMs, VMs would survive, and therefore containers would not "kill" them.

I think for example a lot more than 50% of people use Linux for their webservers, but FreeBSD and Windows are still very much alive, unfortunately in the latter case.

I don't know if Netcraft has numbers for operating systems used. But it reports my Exchange Server owa as being run by IIS on FreeBSD, which obviously is an impossible combination. The incoming request is handled by HAProxy on FreeBSD, and it forwards it to a server running IIS on Windows 2019.

The relevant servers are of course running on vms, not containers. Containers would not be able handle a mix of FreeBSD, Linux, and Windows on the same hardware.

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