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BMA warns NHS Digital's own confidentiality guardian could halt English GP data grab unless communication with public improves

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I was an IT / Information security consultant for several decades (I retired a few years ago). Frankly I have real trouble summoning up the energy to read all the articles, and details of agreements, what cookies companies want to put on my computer and all the tracking details that I am asked to agree to or reject. The best websites are the ones where there is a "Reject All" option, which saves time. But honestly if I with my expertise and experience have trouble what do the 'general public' do?

The information I've gleaned about 'the Great NHS Data Grab' does not explain to me what the data can or cannot be used for, who will have access, how effective any pseudonimisation may be, or what benefits the NHS will obtain from allowing access to commercial organisations or other country's health organisations.

This is frankly too vague to agree to, but then I want the data used to provide better healthcare (I might need it sometime soon) without exposing individuals to unreasonable side effects. The worry is not that the NHS will sell data for money, but more that it will give it away for peanuts and then be charged vast amounts for treatments created by companies based on the data.

Please send any clear explanations, on a postcard, addressed to 'Confused of Reading'.

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