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Euro court rules YouTube not automatically liable for users illegally uploading copyright-protected material

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Youtube is the last place anyone should post original music - it gets ripped off. I make original jingles, after a hard day's soul death working in IT... and one of my tunes, my sequence of 12 notes featured on Ridley Scott's "Raised By Wolves", Episode 5 - between 9m 53s and 10.25s. As the notes rolled out, I became more and more incredulous - I knew what note was coming next, note after note, and it didn't stop... my music continued playing at me from a TV show. It was simply sampled and stretched out to occupy more time, without altering pitch, but those are my notes in sequence and my unique instrument. So I've stopped posting new material on Youtube. Fcuking annoying. I left some narked off messages on an answering machine, because after I sent an email to Ridley Scott, his website went offline. It's too expensive to do anything about.

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