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Sure looks like someone's pirating the REvil ransomware, tweaking the binary in a hex editor for their own crimes

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Gold Southfield is hereby invited...

to bring a lawsuit against Gold Northfield for copyright infringement, etc. Note that the head honchos of Gold Southfield will be required to be physically present to bring the lawsuit (just a formality, really). Don't worry about all the police officers in and around the courtroom, they're just, ah, security, yes, that's it. Please be sure to bring a list of successful targets of your ransomware, to, uh, demonstrate the usefulness of your product and why it should be protected. We might even decrease the jail sentence, no, wait, I meant give you a bonus to the payout if you can get the head folks of Gold Northfield into the courtroom to show their list of successful targets as a defense.

<manages to dislodge tongue from cheek>

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