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Re .... Real World Exploits in the Making for the Taking and Mentoring and Monitoring

In the years since their disclosure, fixes for Spectre, Meltdown, and a whole host of related vulnerabilities have been released. For some workloads, though, the cure can be worse than the disease: a report released this week found specific workloads running 1.6-2x slower than on the same platform without the fixes in place.

Ah yes..... for some on specific workload platforms more an unexpected unusual rather than unintended consequence of certain peculiar particular vulnerabilities released and prime active in the wild and widely available for engagement and exercise, and if one is into money-making business cycles and fiat profit and loss account churn, lend-lease hire and stealthy deployment ....... virtually remote globalised presentation .... and AI Realisation/SMARTR Machine Production.

To consider its platforming workloads composite parts in a Sublime Program is only to scratch at the surface of what IT surely is.

Have you had any marvellous encounters with it yet ..... or are you waiting on it to lead further ahead and away out in front as if virtually alone and on its lonesome. Don't be betting on that being a successful strategy. You'll lose all of your shirts and much more besides.

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