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EU court rules in Telenet copyright case: ISPs can be forced to hand over some customer data use details

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I bet that Mircom, bought the rights *based* on the infringement.

i.e. they searched for suitable infringement FIRST, then bought the rights SECOND, so they could make a business model of pursuing that infringement. The EU law in this case creates the business model.

It maybe even didn't buy the rights, the contract may just give them a part share in any profits they can make from the shakedown. Why pay for the rights to a speculative business model for stuff that is shovelware?

They likely pick the intersection {kinky} & {widely shared} & {embarrasing}, and now get the private details from IP addresses, file civil lawsuits, run publicity emphasizing the {kinky/embarrasing} nature of the lawsuit, get a cash settlement. Investors happy! IPO, riches! Yachts etc. A shakedown business model, then give lobby money to EU for lowering the barrier to enforcement. More profits! More yachts!

Once they've got the business model working, obviously, you could automate it, send out automated threatening letters. Why bother writing *individual* targetted letters, just write carefully crafted ones, letters know to elicit payment quickly, bulk automated letters instead making generic threats: "Someone in your household downloaded porn from one or more of the following list of {super nasty, fairly nasty, pervert, sick, borderline illegal, kardasian sex tape...}. To avoid a public legal enforcement action against your household, pay us our danegeld. You have 7 days to comply.

Of course they won't know if their teenage boy or husband or grandad did, and they'll pay. And they'll wonder..... Did Gramps download a Kardasian sex tape? Ewwww, yuck, sicko..... Can I trust him around the family poodle? Just pay it off and hope it doesn't happen again!

Danegeld, of course, you're an easy mark, so the next threatening letter arrives quicker as the business model requires growth in profits!

Thank you EU! How did that "IP economy" thing work out for you? Did rights holders use it to dodge tax licensing those IP assets from tax havens? Did they establish monopolies by blocking competitors using specious IP claims? Did they grab other companies assets by surrounded their markets with land mine patent? EU, Are you the baddies?

Are you the baddies?

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