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Ex-NSA bigwig Chris Inglis appointed America's national cyber director by Senate

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"Around a third of those hit by ransomware reported C-level execs exiting after an attack..."

This is cast as a bad thing, which seems to reverse cause and effect. Instead of seeing this as a talent exodus caused by the attack, we could instead see it as accountability being enforced by the directors. An organisation that's in bad enough shape to suffer a successful ransomware attack certainly ought to be taking a hard look at whether its IT leaders have been doing their jobs. But if the organisation's confidence in its ability to recover is also so low that they chose to pay criminals instead, that pretty much guarantees heads need to roll. The disgusting thing is that this figure is only 1/3. What were the owners of the other 2/3 of those companies thinking as they sent their money to criminals? If they were thinking about how to retain their CEO and CIO, I suppose they're getting exactly what they deserve!

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