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Wait until china realises that its much cheaper to allow seemingly free speech while punishing the ones speaking out behind the curtain, financially, through loss of jobs, outcasting via media, etc. than actually building any more prisons. Protests are irrelevant if nothing changes. Elections likewise, much more in "representative democracies" where your puny little vote can only "choose" whats put on the ballot from others. The swiss are a tad more democratic there.

Democracies or whats calling itself so only have a higher ground when they live up to their own morale and official standards and actually do what the citizens vote for. So apart from switzerland and norway, who else comes to mind ?

Just because china is a lot worse does not mean whats currentlly called "democracy" does not have alarming deficits and is in many aspects not far from a factual dictatorship. Many of chinas shortcomings - including manipulation and censorship - are already a de facto standard in "western democracies"so before getting on the high horse, better clean the own footway first.

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