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I am unsure how much bitterness, sarcasm or irony are tainting this post, interpret as you see fit but please do not believe i like how the world has turned out to be.

The "power of truth" is irrelevant, the power of those enforcing what has to be considered "truth" is all that counts. Much more so in times of increasing efforts to censor and manipulate everything.

Blocking "chinese" goods might be a bit hard to do, apart from "american" iphones, FoxConn also is a major player in other things not so fashionable but effectively needed, so human rights are irrelevant again and unpaid child labour just keep prices down. Siemens would loose a lot of the potential to manufacture PLC components, every car factory would have issues to get the parts for manufacturing, Murr and Weidmüller both could no longer deliver industrial power supplies, etc.......

Thats the problem with those dirty commies, they were so deceptively cheap that "we" (the good ones (tm)) drove our workforce into unemployment and let china have not only the key to the kingdom but the doors, the stables and quite a lot more for short time profits.

Other "non china resident chinese goods" would then be robotics from formerly german manufacturer KuKa ?

The good ones (tm) have sold out everyone and his dog to china, and since those pesky commies also have nukes and even aircraft carriers that actually work for more than one type of aircraft, the usual approach of "freedom and democracy" simply is not viable anymore.

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