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South Korea has a huge problem with digital sex crimes against women says Human Rights Watch


"I'm very curious to know what she expects the tech companies to actually do here?"

<bitterness mode>

I would expect the usual, incentives to raise profits.

Lets expect tons of even smaller cameras, addon gadgets, wide angle lenses, motion detectors, pattern recognition and image processing software.....

</bitterness mode>

Many cultures still treat women as inferior or something like a pet or personal property. Not much difference to many states.

It took germany until the late 1980ies to classify rape in marriage as a crime. Home violence took more than a decade longer. At least the "Kranzgeld" was binned in the beginning of the 1970ies. It was a fee you had to pay a deflowered woman if you had promised her marriage formally ("Verlobung") but then refused to marry her. Only if she insisted to go to court and ruining her reputation, of course.

I shudder to imagine how many women refuse to go to court as they must be sure their "reputation" or "honour" will be damaged even further. Emancipation and civilization still have a long, long way to go.

The obsessively enforced genderspeeching does not help anyone, its a political cosmetic to show off how much "equality" is wanted while actually avoiding doing anything relevant on those issues.

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