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I doubt that anything will come from it

The oh so "stricter" laws mentioned in the article still need to be enforced and thats where the whole GDPR illusion bubble pops.

Germany has a very sad history of doing nothing of relevance against privacy breaching companies. I had several encounters with the so called Datenschutzbeauftragten (data protection agency) and can assure you that their activity is absolutely in favour of the company - if they react at all.

GDPR as "augmentation" to the old and battered BDSG (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz/federal data protection law) seems to cosmetically address several loopholes but still lacks the bite and overall support by the "responsible" authorities.

I am currently wasting time in a related field with the Bundesnetzagentur, reporting a cold call agency for over half a year now, including logfiles from my telephone box. Cold calling is illegal in germany but as with the usual GDPR violations and violators, illegal acts by the high and mighty really doesnt interest the "watchdogs" at all.

The first claim was duly ignored (apart from an automated response message), the second got a reaction after just short of 4 months, asking for "necessary information" i already gave at the online form.

No we did not allow them to hassle us, yes we told them every friggin time to stop annoying us and delete our number, no we never had any contract with them, no we dont want to be pestered anymore (Hello ? If i enjoyed that kind of speechspamming i probably would not have filed a complaint - twice ?).

I have currently redirected the number (as long as they dont fake it) to the unused telephone port of my box where a member of my hardware antiques depot, a panasonic fax, duly beeps and screeches at those scoundrels.

They still keep calling up to four times a day, thats more work dedicated to me than the Bundesnetzagentur ever showed.

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