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I don't understand this obsession with demographics, the idea that you've got to have a steadily increasing population to maintain a reasonable level of prosperity. We know that all the challenges that face the Earth stem from one underlying cause, human overpopulation, and we also know that people are far more productive now than in any time in history. Taken together the two indicate that we should be able to support a stable or even declining population. It may take some readjustment to our economic system but then China doesn't work by our rules so maybe they can figure out a winning formula.

Indiia should be a great power but its inability to provide for its population suggests that it will be forever confronting problems caused by political instability. Large numbers of its people live in abject poverty, there's endemic problems with basic stuff like water supply and sanitation and its hampered by an ingrained caste system. It also has a somewhat 'flexible' attitude towards required paperwork which means that while you can expect graduates from their top schools to be world class as you move down the ladder -- that includes IT level staff -- qualifications become more questionable.

I figure that outsourcing will continue because its a whole lot easier to lay off large numbers of staff in India than it is in a country like the UK. Automation would be a two step process -- outsource, then replace.

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