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No contradiction

first the sales weasels liemisspeak about what outsourcerer can do. PHB /* not Pointy haired boss, Pointy haired B*std */ being gullible laps it up, especially with a few undeclared freebies. Due the PHB class having a deep mystical reverence for believing that recurrent costs are OK, fixed and capital costs are BAD, to cut costs, PHBs sack techies who go to outsourcerer, where they are braindumped, then dumped for cheap trainees. Meanwhile, in idiot-land client company, the admin and managerial layers are added to to manage the outsourcery contract. Likewise, more suits are hired by outsourcerer so client managers can talk to someone of same apparent status. Back at coalface, systems begin to fail routinely. Customers get extra shafted. Rinse, repeat. Just ask any Fed Gov department in Oz. On second thoughts, dont bother, Stockholm Syndrome again.

So, total running costs rise, staff numbers rise or fall depending on what group is being discussed and the customers lose, CEO, Board get bonuses, as usual. The B ark continues to have gain more potential candidates...

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