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ISS' swansong?

Assuming that the ISS will truly be deorbited a few years from now, it seems rather obvious at this point that this would mean having only a Chinese space station in LEO by the end of this decade. With likely a Chinese moon station to follow by the next decade. Meanwhile the US is wasting NASA's money on SLS and Russia's own space station seems unlikely to materialise.

This would mean a near future in which China would be essentially sharing space with SpaceX, while cordially inviting ESA and Roscosmos astronauts/cosmonauts over for a jolly good time at their facilities. But not NASA astronauts, as US Congress has decreed that this is inconceivable.

Like or hate China, but their highly focused and well-funded space programme provides a glimpse into what NASA (and ESA...) could be today if they had the same level of vision and funding behind them. Something which SpaceX is hammering home as well. Just having money isn't enough when you're going to waste it on the retirement plans of congress and other critters.

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