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China launching first crew to its own space station on Thursday

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This news actually made me feel a bit uncomfortable. Although China's progress in space has been extraordinary recently there have been quite a few dramatic failures plus the suspicion of others that have been covered up. (the sudden switches between very public announcements and then silence feeds this narrative whether it is actually true or not)

This is an exceptionally adventurous programme of long duration crewed flights and high risk crew activities which feels to me that they are jumping straight into rather than working up to more incrementally.

I really hope I'm wrong about this and that it is a great success but my first feeling on reading this article was fear that this could be leading to more traumatic news later on.

On the other hand, no space programme is cast in stone and this is just an announcement (so an element or PR is involved) and subsequent missions can obviously be delayed or adjusted if necessary. And perhaps this is also a marker of fully justified self-confidence from China's space agency - it is entirely possible that the secrecy can work both ways and the successes and milestones that would normally be expected prior to such an ambitious programme have occurred but not been publicised so much.

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