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Not the sharpest tools in the box, that's for certain

Also, Let us not forget that Teresa May brought in law that MP's et al ilk, are beyond any kind of investigation regarding digital data. Even those that are no longer in the position of government or "selected" 3rd parties. At the same time giving up every UK citizens privacy. ..... Unbelievable!

:-) If MP's and their ilk believe they have anything at all like that sort of blanket immunity from investigation and prosecution and persecution for actions imagined cloaked in impunity, their falls from grace will be swift and extremely messy in any and all futures systems of administration which rightly recognise and condemn such an abomination as rampant wanton public sector abuse and private enriching misuse of engaged national treasure ...... for such is surely what it is, if not intelligently designed for, definitely cynically used for.

And if you don't believe that, I have an Irish Sea bridge to sell you .... subject of course to MPs clearing Beaufort's Dyke of festering munitions. After all, it was their decision which probably allowed the dumping in the first instance.

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