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No one was suggesting the 2016 election results were compromised. Any attempts at "interference" were about making people decide on their own not to come out and vote, not to change votes. There were no allegations that a single vote was changed, but whataboutism requires rewriting history to try to normalize all the crazy we see from the republicans today.

The 2020 election was totally different, you have a delusional president who was so mentally screwed up by his father that he is unable to admit that he can lose at anything, so he lives in a fantasy world where before the 2016 and 2020 elections he openly admitted that he would claim fraud if he lost. Since Fox News was losing viewership to extremist networks like Newsmax and OANN over their early (but proven to be correct!) call of Arizona they were forced to go along with the bullshit.

There have been multiple recounts, audits, etc. and no fraud has been found. There's a totally partisan "recount" being conducted in Arizona that idiots are on the right are excited about, but the results should be given no more credence than people on the right would give a George Soros and AOC sponsored partisan recount in Texas conducted without any Texas officials or Texas laws being followed for the handling of the ballots. Trump will not be "reinstated" in August. Please rejoin the world of facts and leave Trump's mental illness inspired bullshit behind.

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