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Honda links arms with JAXA to prepare humans for life in outer space with 'circulative renewable energy system'

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OK i suppose if you wanted to get more precise you could say "Car, Truck and Motorcycle maker". But Honda dont really export much more than that, at least not under the name Honda. And that is definitely where the majority of their profits come from. So I really have no idea what you're objecting to.

No doubt Honda do research in other things (like fuel cells), but those are primarily to help advance their Car business.

It's like objecting to calling Google an Ad-slinger. Sure they have a few other products around (Search, Nest, various IoT bollocks), but they make the vast majority of their money slinging Ads, and most of those other products are designed to gather info on you to feed back into their Ad algorithms, so by sure they are nothing more than an Ad Slinger. Everything else is just semantics...

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